Donna Aston


Set and achieve all of your goals with our customised workouts and one-on-one support. You will work side-by-side with Donna Aston, receiving tailored guidance, support, monitoring and education in exercise technique, body composition, nutrition, health and general lifestyle habits for ultimate results.

Whether you would like to be encouraged beyond your current boundaries, nurtured through an injury, customise sports-specific conditioning or support and guidance through weight loss, one-on-one training offers concentrated support.

Once your goals have been established, you’ll work closely with Donna, or one of her private coaches, to make sure you stick to the plan! You’ll be put through your paces, kept motivated and, most importantly, kept on track to achieve your goals. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a complete beginner, Aston Private is designed to fast-track you towards your goals.


The general aim of our “NOURISH” philosophy is to give you the knowledge to understand your body and its unique functions. With knowledge comes power: the power to take control of your body – its shape, its weight and its health – now and forever.

As our program was created by nutritionist, author and health and fitness expert, Donna Aston, we offer comprehensive education and guidance in nutrition. Our customised menu plans are constantly tweaked for clients, using essential data from ongoing body composition analysis and general progress monitoring.

Once you master the skills of better nourishing your body, significant improvements in your body composition, energy levels, strength, tone, body shape, digestion, skin and overall health will be sure to follow!
Move Nourish Inspire


“I know what to do … I just can’t seem to stick with it!”
This would have to be the most common statement we hear from new clients. Sure, we all know that an apple is better for us than a Tim Tam, so why is losing body fat and keeping it off so tricky? Why do you keep defaulting to poor lifestyle choices? Or perhaps you procrastinate about getting started? You sub-consciously place obstacles in your way: too busy, after the holidays, when the kids finish school…the list goes on. Why can’t you simply stop choosing the wrong foods and replace them with the healthier choice? Why don’t you exercise consistently?
It’s because you’re missing one factor that’s more influential than logic and more overwhelming than the desire to succeed: YOUR MINDSET.
Mindset sessions will help you to identify and curtail the obstacles that have hindered your efforts in the past and provide clarity around your goals, determine how and why you wish to achieve them. From this position of clarity, our trainers are better able to assist you in realising your goals.
“Having been overweight myself, I know only too well the frustration of the weight gain cycle. It’s like being on a merry-go round that, despite good intentions, you never manage to get off! You may have spurts where you fight like mad to overcome it temporarily, however, until you learn the skills involved in changing your mindset, the ‘battle’ will be frustrating and you’re unlikely to sustain long-term results. I did it myself and have maintained a healthy weight for over 20 years … and now I’m here to teach you how to master this for yourself.”
Donna Aston