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28 day

intensive, personalised program

designed and delivered by donna aston

The Aston Rx Metabolic program focus is on the correction of many common metabolic dysfunctions, which prevent us from sticking to a healthy eating plan and losing weight.

During our 28-day induction program, you will experience your body in a whole new way - renewed energy, improved sleep, rapid weight loss and reduced stress levels.

"For many years I've worked with clients as they ride the weight loss roller coaster ... time and again beating themselves up for 'failing' or having no willpower. If you've been blaming yourself for weight loss failures, get ready to end this battle once and for all. This program will change your life!" - Donna Aston


Program Prerequisite

10-15 minute consultation with Donna (phone, SKYPE or in person) to discuss:
  • The general outline of the program
  • Establish the appropriate timing for you to give 100% commitment to the full 28 days
  • Receive your referral for your pathology test to take your/our GP
    (please note: request two pathology scripts (for the same tests) as you will need one at the start and a follow up blood test within 7 days of finishing 28 day program)
  • Receive your questionnaire document, to be completed and returned prior to your initial consultation date
  • Establish your timeline and appointments with reception
Metabolic reboot
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The Program

The program
Initial consultation: 45 minutes
Required prior to your consultation:
  • Pathology results must have been sent to Donna at least 24 hours prior
  • Your completed questionnaire must be sent to Donna at least 24 hours prior
What happens in the consultation:
  • Your body composition will be measured, which will also incorporate some new information, such as your visceral fat rating, bone mass and metabolic age
  • You will be taken through a detailed explanation of your pathology results and goals, both to correct your metabolism and establish your fat loss timeline
  • You will receive a 'personal metabolic analysis' and Donna will calculate your customised food and exercise program for your initial 7-day induction
  • You will be ready to commence your program the following morning, giving you enough time to organize the appropriate food and supplementation required
  • You will have an appointment to consult with Donna, monitor progress and progress your food and exercise program every 7 days for 28 days. During the course of this program, you will have access to Donna's expertise and advise in person and via email/phone as required
  • You will be asked to keep a 'stress diary' throughout this program and you will be invited to discuss various strategies and skill for better managing your stress levels
  • Donna would like to see a repeat of the pathology test within 7 days of the completion of the 28 day program and will provide a detailed comparison report


At conclusion, you will have made the appropriate metabolic corrections to ensure you have the best opportunity to sustain your results, including some significant health improvements.
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Metabolic reboot
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Metabolic reboot program

Depending on your starting point you can expect to lose the maximum amount of body fat (>2.5kg/week in most cases) in the minimum time throughout this program. However, it does require your full commitment to the process.